A.C.O.R.N.? Never heard of it . . .

Per Herpules . . . .

A giant squirrel with 3 nuts . . .

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  1. Ughhhh…doesn’t the “Giant Squirrel” sit under the Acorn in this picture? Is this racist? I’m pretty sure this is racist! I’m a white guy from Minneapolis but I have been trained at the alter of Diversity and I believe this to be racist and I demand MORE!!!


  2. Now I really think the comment about the Giant Squirrel is mean and cruel to animals! I am sure PETA might have some trouble with poisoning squirrels.


  3. What is THAT under the acorn?

    (fill in here)

    A Chicago squirrel (genus: africanus acornis)
    An empty suit with a zombie head.
    A gumbah.
    Teeth with a mutated head.
    Brown stuff.


  4. I think he looks somewhat French.

    I hesitate to mention my favorite Christmas song (secular) begins “Chipmunks roasting over an open fire, hot sauce dripping from their toes.” We could insert Squirrels. Same difference.


  5. ” Freemon SandleWould Says:
    October 11th, 2008 at 2:22 pm

    Looks like a Genghis Khan hat. Wasn’t he a TarTar ? Or was that just a sauce?”

    Genghis Khan was a mongol, not a tartar.


  6. So, ACORN, paid young people and minimum wage type folks (whom I suspect are likely not rocket scientists with pristine work ethics) to canvas for registrations, and the lazy bum’s made a few fake registrations to turn in so they could get a few more dollars.

    That is clearly unlawful, but a far cry from mass murder of puppies and kittens. If the faux registrant does not exist then they will clearly not be showing up to vote, which would be the more reprehensable offence.

    What I’m leading up to is this; What makes ACORN so evil? It is in my opinion seriously over simplified and idealist in it’s approch to dealling with issues, but as side from that, what’s the big deal?

    oh yeah, and by the way ‘tards, ol’ Genghis K. was both a Mongal and a Tartar.
    Note that the range of the Tatras refers to a mountain formation and a linguistic boundry that spans the entire northern latitude of the Asian continent which, incase you were unsure, includes Mongolia.

    *bows nerdishly*

    now back to ACORN bashing…
    Give me something solid so i don’t look like such a butt face when I can’t explain why it plus Obama equals bad.


  7. Ballot Box Stuffing. It’s about stealing the election through Ballot Box Stuffing.
    Not hanging chads, not senile old duffers in Florida who claim they voted for Buccanan by mistake, just plain, old fashioned, Chicago style Ballot Box Stuffing.

    Why do they call it Tartar sauce?



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