Getting a new bumper sticker, a follow-up

A little over a year ago, I decided to get a new bumper sticker for the car.

My older bumper sticker was … well … in need of replacing.

Okay, it was a window sticker. And it was way out-of-date.

And sort of lame, as I mentioned at the time:

Now, yes, I know, it’s pretty lame to keep a bumper (or window) sticker up after the election. And I’m lame for still having it up.

But, I want to let people know this: I did not vote for Barack Obama.

Leaving the McCain sticker on was a way of saying that. But, it’s still lame to have an election sticker after the election. Particularly 540 days after the election.

Well, it’s now 916 days since the election, and I finally took the McCain sticker down.

I got a lot of suggestions, both at my little blog and at IMAO.

While some of them were excellent suggestions, I waited.

Well, the wait is over. I now have my new sticker.

It’s actually a bumper sticker. But, being me, I put it on the window.

And, since it’s sticker supporting Herman Cain, I expect I’ll be called a racist, too.

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  1. I’ll cover the McCain/Palin sticker up when there’s an actual candidate to cover it up with.

    I live near two somewhat major universities, and I like pissing off all the libidiots with their Obama stickers and their coexist stickers, while I’m driving my big gas guzzler and braking randomly in front of their stupid tailgating asses.

    I also had a magnetic “Legalize the Constitution” “sticker,” but it fell off the car, along with about 4 inches of ice, after the last snowstorm.

    [Downtown Columbus has lots of those hippiemobiles, too. Columbus State University has music school and some housing in the downtown area, so that explains much of it. I like the way you handle them.

    Maybe you can get the military to start patrolling your city, like they’ve started doing in Columbus. – B.]


  2. I wanted a “BASIL!” sticker – but I was willing to settle for Frank’s Nuke-The-Moon™ T-shirt.

    I like Herman, btw. And arik, now you’ve made me want a “Legalize the Constitution” sticker!


  3. I believe that Pharaoh Obama’s (now imminent) 2nd term is pretty much a done deal.

    I’m not giving up but I think that Barry is supposed to be King when Joseph Stalin’s record (of total deaths) is finally broken by the American left. I can’t imagine anyone (other than a Liberal) wanting to be president when the left kills the 63 millionth unborn baby.

    WOW!! 63 million Babies!! Doesn’t that make you proud of this Country?

    It really is quite an accomplishment and Barrack has spent many years helping the left achieve this monumental goal! Its only fitting that Obama be the Master of Ceremonies on that fateful day. Also resident Barry can announce the new National Holiday (child sacrifice day) in celebration of the Liberal God Moloch and start the National Celebration with a Ritual Sacrifice.

    So instead of trying to find another ‘perfect candidate’ who can’t possibly win against a Pharaoh I think that you should run for your lives! The culture war is over. We lost……


  4. Personally, other than meteors, I’m hoping that 50%+ of the population is illiterate and doesn’t vote for Obama because his name looks like Osama, The Dead Terrorist. (Achmed’s stuck in the box with Walter.)


  5. Here in Minnesota we still have lots and lots of Wellstone bumper stickers. They are on the back of turds (always) with “Imagine Peace”, “Make Love Not War”, “Bush Lied People Died” blah, blah, blah!!! There’s always and environmental message too while their little sh!t boxes pump out blue smoke (rings were shot 15 years ago). I too like to blast by these morons who are always doing 55 in the left lane where the freeway is marked 65 and traffic is moving 80 and salute their tastes with my single middle digit as I swing in front of them!!!


  6. You Cain’t do better than Cain.
    Give us some sugar, Cain.
    Cain you dig it?
    Speak softly and carry a big Cain.
    No Cain, no gain.

    Ok, these are reaching a bit, Ed…

    McBut Mcat Mcleast Mcthey Mcdon’t Mchave Mcthe Mcletters “Mc” Mcin Mcfront Mcof McThem.


  7. Isn’t Herman Cain a 23% National Sales Tax guy? That is friggin insane! Its lunacy!

    Sales Tax in this State is already over 9% and adding an additional 23% would KILL any local economic recovery or my chances of ‘selling my services’ at a fair price. If I raised my prices by 33% no one would hire me ever again. Sales of TV sets, Computers, Tires, Vacumn Cleaners, Books, Pizza’s, ect.. would all fall to a little above ZERO if you added an addional 1/3 to the price!! That would cause even more problems than we have now. It is suicide! Its insanity….

    That is, unless you happen to believe (as I do) that most Americans really DESERVE 4 more years of Obama for thier many sins.


  8. Over, Carpenter? It’s not over until we decide it is! Was it over when the Germans bombed Pearl Harbor? Hell no! After much anticipation and rumination, not to mention cogitation, Basil has made his selection. This is just the beginning. Soon, his army of minions will flow into the streets like so many Ron Paul zombies headed to CPAC. Next, something else will happen, and then, there will be an election.


  9. Cain’s 23% National Sales Tax (+my states 10% sales tax) would add
    + $3.00 to a case of cheap beer
    + $3.00 to a 6 pack of a MicroBrew
    + $30.00 to pair of good eye glasses
    + $300.00 to 4 new rims and tires or a transmission overhaul
    + $8,000.00 to the price of a good 1 ton work truck

    and it would add + $30,000 – $60,000 to the price of a crappy old ran down 2 bd house in a bad neighborhood. Good houses in nice new neighborhoods would never be built again because they would cost so much money (thanks to a national sales tax) NO one could afford one…

    Cain’s Tax Plan?
    Its a bad bad bad idea in economic times such as these…

    unless you really want Obama to get re-elected in a massive REAGAN like Landslide victory. If so, then go for it.


  10. @Carpenter: To quote the great Winston Churchill, “Never give in, never give in, never; never; never; never – in nothing, great or small, large or petty – never give in except to convictions of honor and good sense.” If you had lived in Germany in the thirties and had been morally opposed to the persecution (later the wholesale murder) of the Jews, you might also have been tempted to despair. You will notice that Germans aren’t gassing many Jews these days, and most of them even agree that it was a morally reprehensible thing to have done at the time. When did you last educate someone about abortion? When did you last distribute pictures of aborted fetuses in your neighbors’ mailboxes? When did you last stand outside an abortion clinic and pray for the slaughter of the innocents? Don’t give up, man, fight! Half of the left’s power comes from their control of the media and their ability to make others believe that they have already won. Take back America, one changed mind at a time. Stop whining, start yelling.


  11. I’ve held on to my McCain / Palin t-shirt for the same reason. It’s my “don’t blame me, I voted for the Hero, not the Zero” statement. I think it’s important people know that.

    I wear every time I go to Chicago to visit my son.


  12. @Old Bat: When I wrote, “…I think that you should run for your lives! The culture war is over. We lost……” in a previous I was kidding! Run to where? You can’t escape Liberals. They are everywhere.

    My main point was that the left will soon kill the 63 millionth baby
    and that thee Obama has worked very hard to achieve that goal.
    Once that happens we (as a country) will be worse than Stalin.

    If we don’t care that we live in the most MURDEROUS Nation in history, then maybe we as a Nation shouldn’t be.

    Personally I would prefer it if the country was divided into at least 4 SEPARATE countries. Texas, Alaska and Hawaii should be freed (or just kicked out) and then divide the rest of the USA at the Mississippi River.

    Liberals get the East side and we get the West (except for San Fransisco and LA which will be renamed New Sodom and New Gomorrah and then walled off from America).


  13. Carpenter,
    the Fair Tax isn’t merely a sales tax, it is the end of the corporate tax, income tax, estate tax, and payroll taxes.
    Replacing all taxes on earnings and assessing tax on consumption means you take home your entire paycheck, including the 15% Social Security , and (what is it, 6%?) medicare taxes.

    Hiding inside the price of what you buy now contains all the taxes
    that were assessed on the production of that good or service.
    When those taxes are no longer assessed, the cost will go down- in a free market.
    Take a look at for info.
    The difficulty in refoprming the tax code is that the power in DC is based on using the current system to control people,
    politicians of low moral character won’t give up that power easily.
    I want a “Question Skepticism” sticker.


  14. If we are going to tax consumption, it should be around the 10% level, not 23%. Good grief! How much money do those nardaywells in Washington need for useless Federal Programs that we shouldn’t be doing anyway! We need to stop all that stuff now!!!


  15. all of these “great” libertarian ideas look good at first glance but they are why the worst president in history will be re-elected. These “great ideas” are actually the TOOLS the Liberal News Mafia.

    You can’t win elections by promising to eliminate the jobs of millions of Federal Workers even “IF” your claims are true. Elections are not won with the truth. People don’t want the truth.

    Elections are won with big smiles, good hair and lots of empty promises.
    Elections are bought and paid for with big contributions from big Corporations and from big Unions.

    Personally I believe that the only way to save America is to give Texas and Alaska to the Libertarians so that they have their own little sovereign nations to live in (and destroy with their suicidal ideas).

    But since that will never happen then I say find the biggest East Coast RINO-publican available and run him. Lindsey Graham could actually beat Obama because many Democrats could vote for Lindsey Graham! Jeb Bush would attract enough Democrats to win “IF” he got the nomination. Rudy Guilliani could easily beat Obama because lots of Democrats would vote for. Mitt Romney would easily attract enough of Democrats to beat Obama!!

    A kooky fringe group, a Tea Party, or Libertarian Candidate will never attract enough Democrats to beat Obama even “IF” he is telling the truth. People don’t want the truth.

    The Real Truth is that Ronald Reagan won 2 massive landslides because DEMOCRATS voted for him! Richard Nixon won 49 out of 50 states because millions of DEMOCRATS voted for him!


  16. the problem with herman cain is his colon cancer metastatic to the liver. he better have a good VP.

    i suggest instead a john bolton/ allen west ticket followed in eight yearsd by west/rubio.


  17. Sorry JW, rubio is turning into a rino.

    Cain seems like a good guy, I need to do more research, but so far I like him.

    newt needs to be kicked in the newts.
    mitt for brains needs to explore antartica and take huckleberry with him.
    My fav would be Demint/Palin. Appealing to the masses and Sarah could stand at the door of the White House holding a rifle and her stiletto heels perched atop Sasquatch.


  18. ok, plentyobailouts, put chris christie in the rubio slot in eight years. my point is that cain’s colon cancer is an issue. a cabinet spot would be a nice spot for him.

    no problem with your other insights except for palin. she is a quitter. make her head of the rnc. quitting after half a term is not a good qualification. same with newt. he was re-elected and immediately quit when he didn’t get to be speaker.


  19. I dunno Storm, Marco and the Cat in the same room. Talk about nuking things. And the fur balls, don’t get me started.

    Christie is a democrat by any other name. Sure he is fiscally responsible to a point, but in every other sense, he is teddy kennedy without the killing part.

    Dang the republicans sure have a sorry lot. I hope someone steps out soon.

    JW, I only say Palin because she is eye candy and she makes marxistst heads explode!


  20. I’d like Sarah to run, but I fear some freak would try to kill her if she did. Seriously.
    I’d LOVE to see her in charge of the Department of Energy!
    The same rabid libtard head exploding would occur, but she wouldn’t have to appear in public as much, so she’d be safer.



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