Moon Nuker Biker Gang Member Spotted in Iowa

That would be Iowa Jim [High Praise!], who may be a touch fuzzy on the concept of “biker”. And “gang”:

But at least he knows how to look good.

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  1. Jimmy –

    The pockets contain:

    left – money and keys (the keys are a vestige from the times that I lived in a place where I locked my house, which I don’t anymore)
    center – spare tube with a long-stem valve, to help out other cyclists with punctured tubes and rims that require long-stem valves
    right – spare tube with a valve of ordinary length, to help out other cyclists with punctured tubes who don’t need tubes with long-stem valves
    (I have another tube in my seat pack)

    The hills in Iowa are actually quite steep, although they rarely go on for more than half a mile or so at a time.

    Basil –

    Absolutely right. I look like two different people grafted together at the waist. Slender upper body, and a really big butt and thighs.


  2. Gengis Khen –

    Just doing some riding. I have an invitation to ride the leg from Marshalltown to Iowa City this year as an unofficial participant. I’m not sure whether I’m going to do it. I don’t much like riding with large groups of people (a large group being more than two other people).


  3. Thanks for keeping the highways scenic, Iowa Jim! Also, good on ya for not letting Spandex frighten you away from exercise. That’s always been MY excuse for shunning any activities more strenuous than lifting a pound of bacon into the shopping cart.



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