The Fine Print

IMAO & AMERICA IS AN OBAMANATION EXCLUSIVE!!! Must credit IMAO & America is an Obamanation!

I have obtained, from a well-placed source, the copy of the United States Constitution used by Chief Justice John Roberts as a reference during the deliberations over the recent Obamacare ruling, and it explains everything!

All you need to do is to read the fine print. Do you see it? Down there at the bottom of the document?

Still don’t see it, let me point it out. See it now?

Having trouble reading it? Okay, here, let’s zoom in closer…

{Click on the image for a better look.]

It not only explains this latest ruling, it explains the entire Obama Presidency! Oh… and we’re all screwed!!!

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  1. John Roberts is a coward of the worst kind. He clearly thought he would be the liberal darling by going along with a ruling he, himself, couldn’t even explain. However, he – like all appeasers of socialism – will spend a long life being a social pariah, rightfully scorned by conservatives while being mocked as a useful idiot by the left that he hoped to endear himself to. He literally sold out the greatest nation in the world…for nothing.


  2. What is the difference between a whore and a lawyer?
    The whore stops screwing you after you’re dead.


  3. 4of7 – Good thing you apologized. I think you angered a lot of whores just by making the lawyer comparison.



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