THIS Should’ve Won Best Picture

Remember when Frank said movies should be fun?

This is the funnest movie I’ve seen in years. As in pure, silly, pointless, goofy fun from start to finish. Enjoy:

[Vimeo direct link]

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  1. I saw a film today. The English Army had just won the war. A crowd of people turned away…but I just had to look…having read the book.


  2. Argo won because it makes a Democrat look good! PERIOD!

    That movie was designed specifically to make Jimmy Carter (the worst President in History of the Unites States prior to Obama) look calm, collected and courageous! And if Carter wasn’t the the worst President in History of the Unites States then Obama can’t be worse than the worst.

    The purpose of the Academy Awards is to legitimize Nazi-like Propaganda and to revise history. Your example, The Jockstrap Raider can’t win because its not a LIE written by the disciples of Dr. Joseph Goebbels.



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