Writing This Disqualifies You From Speaking on Gun Control

[High Praise! to The Real Revo]

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  1. “allows the weapon to be used as a spear”

    Liberals don’t even know the difference between a spear and a lance – why would we expect them to know the difference between semi-automatic and fully-automatic?


  2. So, basically just a fine example that there are undoubtedly plenty of other falsehoods printed in that paper every day that we don’t take the time to check if they have an F-ing clue…


  3. Saying *this* should also disqualify one:

    “Joe Biden exceeded today’s gaffe quota at a campaign event in Las Vegas, asking twice if anyone in the crowd knew someone who served in “Iraq or Iran,” then saying in a reference to Paul Ryan’s book Young Guns, “unfortunately the bullets are aimed at you.”

    (- Margaret Hartmann, New York magazine’s Daily Intelligencer, 10/18/12)


  4. So…it doesn’t change the function of the rifle…except that it does. It’s now more lethal in the hands of a trained bayonet fighter.

    Drill SGT: There are two types of bayonet fighters! What are they?
    Enlistees: The Quick! And the Dead!

    DS: What kind are you?
    E: The Quick!
    DS: I can’t hear yooooou!!!
    DS: And what are THEY?
    E: The DEAD!! The DEAD!! The DEAD!!

    DS: Hoo-aah!

    …And then a Q&A on what makes grass grow (BLOOD!), and what makes the grass green (GUTS!!) would inevitably follow.

    God, I loved Basic Training!!



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