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Posted on February 12, 2010 2:31 pm

* Airborne laser shoots down missile. This was a laser on a plane, so it’s like halfway to being a laser in space. Maybe next we can put a grenade launcher on an ostrich which is like halfway to a dinosaur with a rocket launcher.

* People support gay men and lesbians serving openly in the military, but not homosexuals. As for gay men and women who are also homosexual, no one wants to be around them at all because that’s just weird.

* A nameless Republican is already within two points of Obama in a recent poll. I keep telling you people, if we can just find a way to legally run an unnamed Republican in a Mexican wrestler’s mask, we’d never lose an election again.

* John Hawkins polled right-wing bloggers on a bunch of controversial issues. If you’re curious, I voted with the majority in each question. Apparently Kos polled on a bunch of controversial questions and used as proof that Republicans are extreme and can’t be worked with. That’s a bit like the pot calling the kettle an apoplectic, fringe weirdo, but when you look closer at the pot you realize it’s not a pot at all but Markos Moulitas wearing a black turtleneck, curled in a ball, and eating his own feces.

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13 Responses to “News and Stuff”

  1. zzyzx says:

    The best way to deal with Democrats is to have little Anthony Fremont simply wish them away to the corn field.

  2. Ed Flinn says:

    El Luchador for President!

  3. silaS marreD says:

    An unnamed Republican in a Mexican wrestler’s mask for President? Would he have to show us his birth certificate?

  4. BigRichardSmall says:

    Those poll questions were too cut and dry. Several of those questions I wouldn’t want to answer a yes or no to. I can see that asking people who daily spout their opinions over the internet would have difficulty simply answering yes or no to issues as diverse as Military, Marrage, and the opposition. Seeing the questions come from the Daily Kos poll just tells me the people at the Daily Kos don’t think too hard about any issue.

  5. IH8Socialist says:

    Idea for a new law: All liberal shall be put in an insane asylum and given lots of meds to keep us safe and them safe from themself’s.

  6. Brian the Sailor says:

    Excellent as always. BTW, Frank, my NUKE THE MOON t-shirt is getting a little worn out. Next time you’re in a generous mood, please send me a medium. Or I could just buy one, I suppose.
    Just so’s you know, I pimp your book on my humble myspace blog. Hope I send some business your way.

  7. Mikee says:

    Is that the same poll that several bloggers have written saying across, such as “You can’t possibly be this stupid!” or “No money until you fix these!” and then sent them back?

    How are those statements counted, by the way? As generally positive or somewhat negative towards the person conducting the poll?

  8. Veeshir says:

    I’ve been thinking about your “nameless Republican” strategery, and I might have spotted a flaw.

    What happens if, after the election, he takes off his mask and it’s not Sarah Palin, it’s John McCain or Mike Huckabee or even (Gasp!) Ron Paul?

    I say, make him have a cage match with Chene… no, we need him to survive, ummm, John Bolt… yeah, that’s funny.

    Okay, he has to beat the crap out of Mitt Romney and put a “Kick me” sign on John McCain’s back during a McCain campaign appearance.

    That kills two birds with one stone, we would know he’s not Mitt or McCain and we’d know he shares our values.

  9. 4of7 says:

    Hooray! We have an air-borne laser!
    Now we can ship it to the Air and Space Museum ’cause obie cut the funding. @#$%^&*!
    Then again, Carter canceled the B1 bomber, and Reagan brought it back so… save the blue-prints, guys!

  10. Live Free Or Die says:

    Cheney/Halliburton already have plans to re-fund the AirBourne Lasar System with the Treadstone money that they got from selling all that Iraqi oil.

  11. Live Free Or Die says:

    So, Frank J. voted with the majority, that supported openly gay men and women in the military? That’s so ghey!

  12. el polacko says:

    steve allen famously did man-on-the-street interviews asking folks how they felt about heterosexuality…everyone was adamantly against it. need i say more ?

  13. Fiftycal says:

    Well hell yeah. Who wouldn’t want gay people all around. I mean, dont ya remember after WWI when the saying was “how you gonna keep em’ down on the farm once they’ve been to GAY PARIEE! Homosexuals, on the other hand, well, lesbians are OK as long as the chicks are hot. I, myself, am a male lesbian.

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