Bloomberg Busted in Huge Lie About Soda Ban

[High Praise! to Son of Bob]

Liberals can’t keep their damn math straight. Especially when it doesn’t serve their propaganda purposes.

Here’s the Size/Calorie/Sugar infographic from Bloomberg’s Facebook page:

Just at a glance, those figures seem odd, since doubling the size from 32oz to 64oz should make the calories 748, not 780.

Well, I crunched some numbers on a spreadsheet:

Basically they reduced the numbers for the 16oz drink to make it seem like a wise top-end cup size, used the correct number again on the 32oz, and then jacked up the numbers for the 64oz to make it seem more egregious.

So either someone at the Mayor’s office is abominable at simple math, or Bloomberg knows it’s a big, stinking lie, and just doesn’t give a damn.

Either way, I’m calling shenanigans.

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  1. If the trend was always up or always down, then I could see a plausible argument. For example, if people tend to put a larger fraction of ice in the cup when the sizes are larger, then the calories per ounce will go down. Or if they put a smaller fraction of ice, the calories per ounce would go up.

    But yeah, not down THEN up again. Shenanigans.


  2. 102 x 2 = 217 EVERYONE knows that!!! If you’re dumb enough to spend $5 on a 64 oz cup of ice with about 4 ounces of whatever in it, the sooner you die, the better but remember, when the government tells welfare leeches what they can and can’t buy with other people’s money (which they refuse to do) it’s raaaacist and a violation of their ‘rights’ etc etc but it’s ok for this clown to tell the ones who work what they can and can’t buy with their own money. Doesn’t this mean they want all the “poor” people to be fat? Oh wait, they already are.


  3. Also, when you fill up a cup, it’s loaded at least halfway with ice. I bet these are calorie and sugar counts that consider the cup filled to the rim with warm soda. Who does that? If I’m right, you can probably cut these numbers in half because of the ice factor.


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  5. “If you’re dumb enough to spend $5 on a 64 oz cup of ice with about 4 ounces of whatever in it”

    That was one of my thrifty-Scotch-Irish Dad’s obsessions. He always demanded that we order our sodas without ice because: “That’s how they get you!” Of course, the tradeoff is that you end up with warm, flat soda, or pop, depending on what time zone you reside.



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