Adagioforstrings of Noli Insipientium Iniurias Pati honored IMAO with the “Dino-soar Award” Award.

With Obama killing the Flying Velociraptor Project, someone has to rise to counter the threat of North Korea launching a rocket capable of putting an Allosaurus into orbit.

IMAO is proud to fill that role, and humbly and gratefully accepts this award.


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Now get honoring!

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  1. Whether the text stands out clearly is a secondary concern. What’s most important is that you got IMAO to post something on a weekend.


  2. I am going to note that this pic is suspiciously similar to the box art for the game “Demon Attack.” (click on web link to see)


  3. I worked on the Titan rocket program & only knew the DynaSoar program as the Manned Orbiting Laboratory (MOL). The rumor was that the launch pad was built over an indian (or native american, which is more politically correct but not as scary) burial ground & was thus cursed causing the cancellation not only of the MOL, but also the cancellation of the west coast launch for the shuttle.

    Booo! ~”~ <– emoticon of scary ghost saying, “boo”


  4. I suppose that I should have done my research before I posted my comment above, but here’s an article to back up my rumor mongering:

    “At some point a rumor blossomed that SLC-6 was “cursed” by the local Chumash Indian tribe. According to this rumor, when construction first started on the facility in the 1960s, construction workers unearthed an “Indian burial ground” with human remains at the site. The Indians protested, but the construction continued, so the Indians cursed the site.”



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