No Moon

Posted on February 2, 2010 1:04 pm

So we’re not going back to the moon. That sucks, but space has sucked for some time.

It took only about sixty-five years from getting a plane to fly a couple feet to getting to the moon, but over forty years after that we’re not even capable of going back to moon. We suck.

The most amazing accomplishment of man, the moon landing, was ten years before I was born and we’re not even interested in trying to top it. With the progress we had back in the late sixties, we’d expect to have well-settled Mars colonies by 2010. But, no, we’re all quite earthbound and working on the same Earth problems we’ve always had. Stupid Earth. We even have environmentalism to try and get a few more miles out of this dumb planet instead of finding a new, better one.

I guess the solution is more capitalism since we probably won’t have a revolution in space until people can make a profit there. But space is expensive. Hopefully some very smart and greedy people are working on this.

I guess this all benefits me. Now I can go up to Obama and say, “Since we’re not going to the moon, I guess there’s no reason not to… nuke it!”

Of course, every time I try to approach Obama I get tackled — even if I have documentation showing I’m allowed to be there. The Secret Service just say I have the sort of face they like to tackle. Jerks.

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23 Responses to “No Moon”

  1. Ussjimmycarter says:

    F…ing Retard!

  2. storm1911 says:

    Although India, China, USSR, I mean Russia, and Kenya all want to put a man on the moon, Teh One is too busy worring about the snail darter. Obama wants to make sure America is a third world country.

  3. Conservative Justice says:

    Maybe they are afraid to colonize the moon. I mean, you saw what happened in the 2002 version of “The Time Machine.”

  4. Stretch says:

    I watched the Apollo 11 landing live. Guess that makes me a geezer in your eyes. Like you I fully expected to live to see Lunar and Martian colonies. Even asteroid mining and explorations to the moons of Saturn and Jupiter. Major bummer man. Doesn’t even look like I’ll see high earth orbit trips. Off to read Heinlein’s “The Man Who Sold The Moon.”

  5. innominatus says:

    Instead of just walking up to barry and getting tackled, you should just rent a tuxedo and stroll past the security at one of his fancy-shmancy dinner parties. That seems to work pretty well. Plus we commenters could say lots of funny stuff about how you look in a tux.

  6. TerribleTroy says:

    I watched it live when I was 6…Black & white TV.. between the tv, and image being sent, I think the refresh rate was something like once every 4-5 seconds.

    You may get Bama to nuke the moon.. but you’ll have to sell him the idea under the guise of reducing the nuclear stockpile…….just dont let Bama anywhere near the Moon… if you do he’ll bow to it…. and then its all over, you’ll never get to nuke the moon…lest not during Mr. self fufilling phrophecy one term residents tenure.

  7. MarkoMancuso says:

    I heard Bush and the Republicans were finding a “dark planet” to nuke.

    Just sayin’.

  8. KTWO says:

    This is just fighting over spoils. You can say NASA lost. But a new round is fought every year.

    More accurately it was a faction within NASA that lost. One faction wanted to spend money for X and others wanted to spend it for Y. And outside NASA those at the WH had their own ideas.

    When Congress gets this budget each member will try to continue or increase NASA spending in his/her district. Not one will care what the spending is for. Does NASA still provide for the chimps used in the 1960s?

    Don’t be too concerned about national prestige or whether some other nation goes to the moon. Do you notice that Russia or China or any nation feels inferior or is inclined to obey because we sent men to the moon?

    I am not pleased with O but that does not mean I endorse a given program at NASA.

  9. IH8Socialist says:

    I blame the commie pinko, hippes, and Ted Kennedy!!! I say we luanch all the commie pinko, hippies into space after we punch them. Then nuke the moon.

  10. harleycowboy says:

    The government is not interested but the private sector is. It could become commerially viable

  11. rayfan87 says:

    Wait if the moon becomes commerialy viable, then starbucks will put a store near every crater, then pinko hippsters will go there, then we nuke it.

  12. Brian the Sailor says:

    rayfan87: Now that’s just funny right there!

  13. Pug Mahon says:

    This ties into the whole Greatest Generation thing. They designed and built machines to do everything from toast bread to land human beings on an alien world–while simultaneously saving the planet from foundering in a cesspool of communism, fascism and Nazism. They did this without computers or calculators. Their ungrateful Baby Boomer children wanted for nothing and, being the spoiled little douches they are, they are now wrecking this nation.

  14. Burmashave says:

    TerribleTroy and I are the same age (but not the same person).

    If you ignored the hippies, there was nothing like growing up in the sixties. We both watched the launches, and I’d bet that Troy wanted to be an astronaut, too.

    The decade of the space races was a time when everything was possible. But even as a pup of six years, I remember hippies saying that the money we spent on Apollo would be better spent on social(ist) programs. On the other hand, I’d wager that the spin-off technologies from Apollo were more valuable–dollar for dollar–than any other government sponsored research program.

    I’m proud to say that my pop worked on the Apollo program.

  15. Pug Mahon says:

    @Burmashave: My grandpa worked on the Apollo program. He also helped build the Enola Gay. Of course I knew nothing of this until just a few years before he passed, because men like him didn’t think they were doing anything really amazing, so they didn’t talk about it. Man, I miss my grandparents.

  16. Burmashave says:

    @PugMahan: That’s so very true. I didn’t really discover what my dad had actually done until he passed. My dad had shared bits and pieces of engineering he had been involved with, but he never bothered to tell me the purpose of various pieces of work. He didn’t think it was something to brag about. It was his best friend who truly filled me in after his funeral.

  17. TerribleTroy says:

    I have to agree with Burmashave, I did want to be an astronaut via fighter pilot…unfortunatly I grew up with Hippie’s instead of a mother & father and on top of that literally right across the street from Colombia University. My grandfather who was a professor & was affiliated with the OSS & then CIA, was “assigned” there.

  18. 4of7 says:

    Since they cut the funding for the Yucka Mountain nuclear waste storage site, I guess they could shoot all that radioactive trash to the Moon.
    Then we’d have glow-in-the-dark rings around every impact site which could be used to spell out commercial messages. Capitalism!

  19. Son of Bob says:

    What more would you expect from Barry – he wouldn’t want America to accomplish something great.

    In a related story, there’s a piece on right now in which Obama is “accusing” Republicans of changing their position on the stimulus in order to please the voters…the funny thing is, Barry thinks that’s a bad thing.

  20. Undercover Hippie says:

    Huh! 2010 and I STILL don’t have a flying car. I don’t care about the moon. I was promised a flying car dammit!

  21. Rayfan87 says:

    But flying cars are bigger gas guzzlers than tanks, everybody needs to drive a nice safe high mileage import like a Toyota.

  22. Arnie says:

    It should be pointed out that for many of those moon-free 40 years, NASA was blocking any kind of commercial –for profit– enterprise in space (including MirCorp).

    We have a better regulatory climate for commercial space now, it just needs to become popular and cool again.

    *Ahem* Well, here’s the old Arnie video:

  23. Lulie says:

    We’re not going to the moon, but it looks like Mars is our next target, and Obama is actually giving /more/ money to NASA for that:

    “Defending a budget that effectively cancels a program that would have returned humans to the moon by 2020, NASA’s top official said the space agency is looking beyond the lunar surface—to Mars.”

    “Bolden also noted that the President’s budget actually increases total funding for NASA by $6 billion over the next half-decade.”

    “Instead of manned moon missions, the President instead wants NASA in the short term to focus on sending crews into near-earth orbit to continue work on the International Space Station and other, related projects.”

    Even if he’s not saying “We’re going to Mars!”, he’s at least paving the way and helping to eliminate reasons for us not to go. If this article is right, this might be the first good thing Obama has done.

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