Top Ten Things Overheard from the Obamacare Website Design

10. “Are you sure we can’t just program it in Fortran?

9. “Don’t worry; I hired a professional Hollywood script supervisor to help fix the java script.”

8. “My computer crashed; buy me a new one.”

7. “We’re making great progress. …Oh, I thought you were talking about Candy Crush. No, there is no way this website will be ready on time.

6. “What browsers does it need to work in? Because so far it’s only working in Netscape.”

5. “What’s HTML? Is it anything like NSFW?”

4. “Aren’t eventually they’re going to catch on that we’re embezzling hundreds of millions to make a $2 million website? Oh yeah; government.”

3. “This website should be able to handle millions of people as long as they each wait their turn.”

2. “The first page loaded; I guess it’s ready.”

And the number one thing overheard from the Obamacare website design…

“The directive is we make this website as competent, functional, and popular as the Obama presidency.”

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  2. #10 I also…and in Pascal, and COBOL.

    I also heard that the motto of the company that created the site was:

    Never test for an error condition that you don’t know how to correct.



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