Good one

Okay, but this joke has gone on long enough.


This clown being president? That’s a joke, right? Well, it’s not funny. April Fools Day would be a good time for everyone to come clean and admit that they’ve been pulling one over on me.

I bit. I actually believed that this country could elect someone as incompetent as Barack Obama. But, I really should have known better. There’s no way Americans are that stupid. But, you got me. I fell for it. Good one.

Now, joke’s over. Let’s get back to to normal now.

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  1. “There’s no way Americans are that stupid.”

    Oh YES there IS…2008 and 2012 are hallmarks of American stupidity. Snark away, people, but the dumb outnumber the smart, and with the push for legalizing weed it’s only going to help make more dumb, gullible people who will elect more snake oil salesmen like ol’ jug ears there.



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