Capitalist Propaganda: “The Philosophy of Liberty”

Posted on May 31, 2009 7:01 am

Another modern piece (2002), this is a flash animation based on the epilogue of Ken Schoolland’s book, “The Adventures of Jonathan Gullible.” I present Kerry Pearson’s “The Philosophy of Liberty”:

[YouTube direct link]

Be sure to show it to your kids before their school makes them watch “The Story of Stuff“.

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17 Responses to “Capitalist Propaganda: “The Philosophy of Liberty””

  1. IP727 says:


  2. Jimmy says:

    Play it in ALL the public schools.

  3. IH8Socialist says:

    Capitalist Propaganda should be played in all schools. Then maybe the youth of the nation would understand work hard and be succesful. Don’t listen to the magic men with all the answers an empty promises of entitlements.

  4. BillyRayBob says:

    Jimmy said:
    “Play it in ALL the public schools.

    Who will read the captioning to the Public School kids?

  5. Jimmy says:

    BillRayBob – where I live, the public school kids are doing OK at reading. But thanks to liberal brainwashing, they’re not too good at thinking. And something like 37% of our teachers can’t even pass our state’s high school graduation exam (“WASL” = Washington Assessment of Student Learning).

    I say show it to every grade from 6th to 12th. Any teachers reading this – JUST DO IT!

    Thanks Harvey. That video is Civics 101. But as a once free society, we’re now flunking that course.

  6. storm1911 says:

    This is first class. It would be great to have this run on prime time. Or, hehehe, do a John Galt and force it over Olberman’s crappy show. We could then watch his head explode.

  7. TerribleTroy says:

    Sooooo Let me get this straight……. are they saying that its not OK to punch hippies? Or is it not ok to tell / pay others to punch hippies?? I’m confused…… this is puttin a hitch in the “giddyap” of my hippie punchin!

    I need some clarification……

  8. ChrisA says:

    #7… you should never question your constitutional OBLIGATION to punch those hippies… I tell ya, John Hancock himself would be spinning in his grave knowing you were waffling about your obligation of hippie punching…

    Just get back to the punching and we’ll all pretend this little episode never happened…

  9. IH8Socialist says:

    TerribleTroy hippies hate liberty so it’s ok to punch the crap out of hippies. But it’s not ok to force, pay, bribe, threaten other people to punch hippies for you. However if someone volunteers to punch hippies for that is ok.

  10. 4 of 7 says:

    It’s our 24th wedding anniversary.
    To celebrate I served my wife breakfast in bed and burned another notch in my arm with a magnifying glass.
    It’s the simple things that matter.
    Oh, good cartoon!

  11. Jimmy says:

    Happy 24th Anniversay to you! If I knew you were gonna post that, I’d a baked a cake.

  12. TerribleTroy says:

    Oh… ok… got a bit scared there for a minute. Thought I might have to stop punchin hippies. I mean Im not so sure I could even stop punching hippies cold turkey… I’de probably have to ween off it slowly… enough of this .. its too horrible to contemplate a world without hippe punchin

  13. Atomic Lib Smasher says:

    This should be played in all public schools, but fat chance that’ll happen. More than likely, they’ll just continue to Praise The One/

  14. Joey says:

    This turns me on.

  15. Slitshock says:

    Found this video and he speaks great things about Liberty!

    Wow, go Adam Kokesh!

  16. 4 of 7 says:

    “The Adventures of Jonathon Gullible” eh?
    Another book to add to my ‘I gotta read that someday’ list.
    Took the wife out to Olive Garden and a movie tonight (“Night at the Museum: Battle at the Smithsonian”. Abe Lincoln kicked *ss!), then bought groceries.
    I’m proud to know that I did more to stimulate the economy in one night than the current administration has done in 4 months.

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