A Rights Heat Sink

I noted another advantage of the 2nd Amendment (other than that it protects our right to have awesome guns): It’s a heat sink that absorbs much of the ire of people who want to go after individual rights. Like look at this nutty nut going on about how we need to get rid of the 2nd Amendment (don’t actually read it; it’s kind of pointless). Now someone has to be completely divorced from their fellow Americans to even propose this, but that’s not the point. The point is that these left-wing fascists are so stuck on going after the right of self-defense that they have no time or momentum left to go after any of our other rights. And there are certainly left-wingers who want to go after other individual rights like speech (like this talk of banning “hate speech” on Twitter) and you know the left wants to take on freedom of religion since it gets in the way of free birth control for underprivileged Ivy League law students. But the left will never get too organized taking on those rights when the extremely scary guns are still out there. Instead, they will periodically focus their ire on the 2nd Amendment. But we Americans have gotten pretty good at defending those rights and the gun control proponents can never seem to sustain an attack for very long anymore (their momentum has already broken after the Newtown tragedy).

So the left keep most of their fascist ire directed towards guns (which can take it) and never get much momentum elsewhere. So is another way guns protect our rights — not by firing a shot but simple by existing. Yay guns.

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  1. The author of that piece is Kurt Eichenwald…hate to say it but it sounds like the name of Hitler’s director of weapons confiscation.



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