Not your every day, ordinary stripper fight

Two strippers in Juneau, Wisconsin got into a fight over a dollar.

Now, I know times are tough, but two strippers fighting over a dollar? It happens. I suppose.

What’s unusual about this…. Notice that so far, we’re talking about two strippers fighting over a dollar, and I’m saying this isn’t the unusual part. I’m not an expert on stripper fights, but I suspect that two strippers fighting over a dollar is kinda rare in and of itself. No, there’s more. One of the strippers is pregnant.

Now, I have no idea how pregnant the stripper is, but apparently there’s a market for pregnant strippers.

Of course, it is under Obama’s watch — into its fifth year, now — that the economy got so bad that strippers, including one with child, are fighting over a dollar. So, if you’re into that kinda thing, this is how the economy is getting better. For a dollar, some guy got to watch two strippers (one pregnant) tear each other’s hair out.


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  1. I tell ya’ times are tough here in Wisconsin…the other day it was so cold, I saw a liberal with his hands in his OWN pockets!! Tough, I tell ya’!

    Times are tough, boys–Two-for one lap dances involve a single, pregnant stripper here in the land of beer and cheese.


  2. Thor – don’t quit your day job 🙂

    As for why a pregnant stripper, I am reminded of Robin Williams’ routine about pregnancy where he points out “The first thing that happens in that the boob fairy comes . . .”. She may never have a figure that impressive again; certainly worth $1.


  3. Well, The Wizard of Oz has long been considered one of Hollywood’s finest, yet its entire plot consists of two women fighting over a pair of shoes.



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