Dennis and Kim Jong Sitting in a Tree……

So, Dennis Rodman is going back to visit Kim Jong Un again. Do I hear wedding bells in the future? So exciting!  The only question remaining is where to set up their love nest.  I think Rodman can make a good case for moving the family to America.

  • With the downfall of DOMA and living conditions in Detroit mimicking those in North Korea, Dennis can finally convince Un that they can have a happy life together in Michigan.
  • With the packs of wild dogs that have moved in, there will be plenty of food for them in Detroit.
  • With the collapse of the Detroit housing market, they can pick up land for a palace on the cheap.
  • Having been born and reared under liberal rule, the residents that remain will be welcoming a benevolent dictator willing to selflessly tell them how to live their lives.
  • Having been raised learning the merits of Keynesian economics, the remaining populace will be easy to convince that dedicating all of their time, possessions and talents to erecting the Un palace will lead to an unprecedented economic boom.  And the project is shovel ready.
  • There will be plenty of unskilled laborers to work in his new Kia factory.
  • If he builds his silos in Detroit, his nuclear missiles might finally be close enough to reach America.
  • He won’t have to go all the way to Iran to find Muslim terrorist allies anymore.  There are plenty of them just a stone’s throw away in Dearborn.
  • Despite gun control laws, the Detroit mob would be perfectly happy to supply a psychopath like him with all the weaponry he needs.
  • If he sneaks into the country soon, he should have amnesty and full citizenship in less than 6 months.
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  1. Having executed by machine gun firing squad, Hyon Song-wol and eleven other members of a singing group (Hyon was his ex or still girlfriend) in front of their families (who were then sent to labor camps), maybe lil’ Kimmie just needs some kind of entertainment. Rodman can now lay claim to being as traitorous a POS as Jimmie Carter, also friendly with psycho dictators who murder and starve to death millions of their people. Bite my ass Dennis Rodman, if we ever meet in hell. (PS, #4 mentioned this already I see, but man it steams me when that kind of stuff is ignored and a conservative politician taking a drink of water is big news in our media.)


  2. In further news it was announced today that Kim Jung Un had his barber executed for “drinking and carousing” just before giving Kim his last haircut. The barber was reportedly beaten to death with his own soup bowl after removing it from Kim’s head just after the haircut. In addition to the barber five people who were waiting to get haircuts and were unable to properly stifle laughs were sentenced to life imprisonment and were then sent to prison camps, victims of the regime’s assumption of guilt by association, the reports stated.



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