What Was I Blogging in 2008?

I was curious what my attitude was like in 2008 when it was more certain we’d get a drubbing, so here’s what I wrote as my prediction they day before Election Day. I also took one last stab at sinking the Barack Obama candidacy. And on Election Day, I posted these thoughts. Apparently I had a tweeting instinct before I actually joined Twitter.

So how is my attitude different today? Probably not that much; I like a cool detachment from what’s going on. A Romney win would be a nice rebuke of the Dems, but if Obama is reelected, I get to keep making fun of him and can maybe write another hit book and become rich. And then he’ll be after me personally. So fun no matter what.

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  1. I like this one! It’s from before I was shown the way over here to IMAO. It also makes me wonder what happened to MarkoMancuso. DamnCat, did you have something to do with that?



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